ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics
An International Publication of ICT Academy
Scope of the Journal
Topics include, but not limited to

Advanced materials and processing technologies Hardware-Software and Chip-Package
Analog and digital electronic systems IC Computer-Aided – Design Technology, DFM
Analog and digital filter design Integrated Sensors and Actuators
Analog and Mixed Signal Interface Circuits and Systems Low power devices and components
Analog Design in Emerging Technologies Low Voltage/Low Power Analog and RFIC Design
Applications related to integrated circuits and devices Memory devices and circuits
ASICs and VLSI Circuit Design Microstrip circuits and components  
CAD Design for FPGAs Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits
Circuit Technologies Mixed-domain Simulation and Design
Circuits for Industrial Applications Modeling, Verification and Testing
Circuit Theory Nanoelectronics and Nanoprecision Instrumentation
Cost, Performance Tradeoffs of VLSI/ULSI Systems Optoelectronics Circuits and Systems
Design experience with advanced design technology Programmable Logic Circuits
Digital Filters RF, Wireless, and Microwave Circuits and Systems
Displays, Sensors and MEMS Switched-capacitor and switched-current circuits
Electron Devices and Systems for Radar and Sonar Systems System-on-Chip
Electronic Embedded Systems Thin/Thick Film Materials Analog and Digital Circuit Design