India being a nation that enjoys a demographic dividend of having higher percentage of younger aged population, also has a challenge to develop the students with proper education, thereby the young generation contribute to the growth of the nation. In this context, the Higher education becomes an important focus among the government policy makers. Further, more focus is given on the engineering education since the students qualify to be engineers are expected to be the next generation employees and entrepreneurs. They are expected to have abilities for innovation aimed at higher growth and potential for creating more opportunities. While India has a huge number of engineering colleges with several lakhs of students pursue engineering courses, the quality of the faculty members have always been a concern. While there are several researches studied on the quality aspects of an engineering teacher, this paper attempts to find the top 10 attributes of a great engineering teacher. This study is made based on the inputs from both engineering college teachers themselves and the students pursuing engineering courses. While the top 10 attributes are identified in the perspective of students and teachers independently, the commonly agreed top 10 attributes of a great engineering teacher are identified through this paper.

B Anbuthambi1, N Chandrasekaran2
Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya, India1, Institute for Financial Management and Research Graduate School of Business, KREA University, India2

Attributes, Students, Teachers, Engineering Curriculum
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Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Management Studies
( Volume: 5 , Issue: 2 )
Date of Publication :
May 2019

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