A Theoretical Approach of Bio-Metrics Based Student Management System is an efficient and effective management system for the student’s record maintenance. The proposed study was developed with the available technology of C#, .Net and MS SQL Database. In the current era, the biometric technologies were used in various fields such as Institutions, Universities, and Training centers, Organizations, and Bank. Biometrics touch application were especially for authentication purposes. The traditional system was difficult to maintain the data in the proper way. The administration faces several complex situations for record keeping of the teachers, students, examinations and attendance making. The system faces many difficulties when managing the students. All the departments provide various records regarding students. This information could be the general details like student name, address, performance, attendance and specific information related to departments like a collection of data relevant to the student. All the modules in administrations were interdependent. If they maintained the records manually for example, when a student needs his course completion certificate it needs to check many details about the student like his name, register number, year of study, exams, he attended and many other details, so it needs to contact all the modules that are once, department and examination and result of students. A theoretical approach of Bio-metrics based Student Management has overhauled the existing system and made necessary improve the processes.

S Srikajan1, U Vithusha2, S Kamsavathana3, R Harthiyayini4, J Susana5, A Jerin6, K Thiruthanigesan7
College of Technology Jaffna, Sri Lanka1,2,3,4,5,6, University College of Jaffna, University of Vocational Technology, Sri Lanka7

Bio-Metrics based Student Management System, Theoretical Approach of Bio-Metrics based Student Management System, Bio-Metrics, Student Management System
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ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
( Volume: 9 , Issue: 1 )
Date of Publication :
October 2018

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