It is normal that every family is having at least one vehicle at their home as vehicles have become a daily needs for all of us. However, this also leads to the increased of road accidents where major causes are related to human errors which can be prevented. To tackle with this problem, vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) is introduced with the aim to make vehicles intelligent. In order to study the algorithm in VANET, a mobility simulator is needed for simulation purpose. In this case, SUMO is proved to be a good simulation tool in generating VANET environment while MATLAB is good for algorithm development. Yet, to develop a good simulation platform, modification on SUMO files are necessary. This paper discusses on the procedures in creating a left-hand traffic (LHT) simulation file that is suitable to be used in Malaysia. LHT simulation is not easy to achieve as modification on the road connection and traffic light files are required. This paper also showed the results of the simulation after SUMO files modification. Apart from that, this paper also showed the simulation of VANET environment using SUMO and MATLAB through a third party interfacing named TraCI4Matlab, which allows communication between MATLAB and SUMO simulator.

Kit Guan Lim, Chun Hoe Lee, Renee Ka Yin Chin, Kiam Beng Yeo, Kenneth Tze Kin Teo
Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia

Mobility Simulator, SUMO, MATLAB, SUMO Files Modification
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
( Volume: 8 , Issue: 4 )
Date of Publication :
December 2017

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