Existing cellular network gives us the large network coverage as well as network capacity but in many cases it fails to achieve predicted data rates for the seamless wireless communication. Moreover there is a tremendous increase in wireless device users so the data rates and network capacity offered by conventional cellular network is not sufficient. So the effort to suppress base-stations power consumption are desperately needed and for that heterogeneous cellular network has been introduced. This paper provides the complete analysis of energy efficient wireless systems for heterogeneous cellular network as it has been pointed out to be one of the key network architectures that help to increase system capacity and reduce power consumption. Heterogeneous network with coordinated multi-point has received significant attention as a way of achieving energy efficiency and to improve the network handling capacity in heterogeneous cellular network. Usually in communication those users which are on the edge of the cells always suffer with the low data rates and low capacity. Moreover they get interference from the adjacent cells. To mitigate these problems and achieve higher energy efficiency Heterogeneous network with coordinated multi-point came out as one of the best solutions. In this paper heterogeneous network is considered with the Voronoi tessellation and between the cells coordinated multi-point technique is applied and compared with the non- coordinated multipoint scenario. Heterogeneous network is the integrated part of the beyond 4G wireless network for better energy efficiency.

Diwakar A Danecha, Kirit G Bhuva, Sarosh K Dastoor
Dr. S and S.S. Ghandhy Government Engineering College, India

Heterogeneous Network, Energy Efficiency, Coordinated Multi-Point, LTE-A, Voronoi Tessellation
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
( Volume: 8 , Issue: 3 )
Date of Publication :
September 2017

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