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;SECUKasaragod district in Kerala is basically an agro-based region and a major portion of the labour force is working in agriculture and related activities. The statistical data clearly revealed crop diversification. Diversification of crops and application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides heavily result in the depletion of nutrients of the soil and resulted in chemical pollution. There is wide difference in suggested and actual application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The Endosulphan tragedy of the district is the worst case of environmental tragedy that Kerala ever experienced. This pesticide caused serious health hazard to the people including, cancer, mental retardation, cerebral palsy and locomotors. The economic backwardness of victims, low health infrastructure, high medical expenses, absence of proper identification of their needs, etc. demands special attention from authorities to the tragedy and is still a burning social issue.

N Karunakaran
E.K. Nayanar Memorial Government College, India

Crop Diversification, Chemical Pollution, Endosulphan Tragedy, Kasaragod
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Management Studies
( Volume: 3 , Issue: 1 )
Date of Publication :
Februray 2017

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