In this paper, we propose a decision support system for Indian rice farmers for identifying diseases. In a country like India, food security is an essential concern. Additionally, diseases in plants can cause a significant loss. Early-stage detection of diseases can help in improving the production of rice. In this context, first we investigate the recent contributed efforts in the field of plant disease detection by analysing plant leaves using machine learning and image processing techniques. Next, the datasets and relevant algorithms are concluded. Then, a machine learning model has been presented. The model includes the edge feature extraction using canny edge detection technique, colour features are extracted using grid colour movement, and the texture analysis is performed using Local Binary Pattern (LBP). In the next step, using the extracted features, we have prepared a combined feature vector to train the Machine Learning (ML) algorithms namely Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN). These machine learning algorithms are organized in such a manner that the proposed decision support model can identify and differentiate the leaf plants. Additionally, it also recognizes the rice plants when we query. Secondly, the model is also able to recognize rice plant diseases. The first scenario of the experiment has been carried out using Plant Village dataset. The second scenario of experiment uses the rice plant disease dataset obtained from Kaggle with three classes. The second dataset used which is known as the Mendeley dataset which contains five different diseases as class labels. The experimental study with the implemented system confirms the superiority of ANN to be used with the proposed decision support system as compared to the SVM algorithm in terms of accuracy and time consumption. Finally, future work has also been highlighted.

Gaurav Shrivastava, Harish Patidar
Sage University, India

Plant Disease Detection, Machine Learning, Image Processing, Food Security, Early Disease Detection
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
( Volume: 12 , Issue: 3 )
Date of Publication :
April 2022

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