In recent days with the increase in the use of advanced technology in the field of digital media there is a drastic changes and improvements that has taken place in the arena of communication, the traditional methods of advertising and communicating and researching to the expected customers are not that convincing when compared with the new type of communication methods, which have come into existence in recent days, the latest type of electronic communication is much faster, simpler and easily accessible and also highly economical in its operation, most of the times the cost involved may be negligible and can reach to higher number of relevant customers. With growing immense popularity of internet, the advancement in the electronic media is gaining popularity. Traditional medium of communication has been replaced by this interactive form of digital medium of communication. Since, differentiation is the winning mantra of any form of advertising; event marketing has definitely taken a hot seat. Social media have provided new opportunities to consumers to engage in social interaction on the internet. Consumers use social media, such as online communities, to generate content and to network with other users. The study of social media can also identify the advantages to be gained by business. This paper emphasizes on the pros and cons of the implementation of the social media in event marketing. Social media is a very strong arena which is growing rapidly in recent days especially among the youths which plays a crucial role in the communication sector, it is very evident and has a strong belief that the event marketing is going to grow and can reach a large number of consumers through the social media, because of its easy accessibility and economy of its usage.

G Rathnakar
ATME College of Engineering, India

Social Media, Event Marketing, Internet, Analysis
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ICTACT Journal on Management Studies
( Volume: 4 , Issue: 3 , Pages: 783-787 )
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August 2018
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