In this paper, a novel encryption scheme with time based key technique on an FPGA is presented. Time based key technique ensures right key to be entered at right time and hence, vulnerability of encryption through brute force attack is eliminated. Presently available encryption systems, suffer from Brute force attack and in such a case, the time taken for breaking a code depends on the system used for cryptanalysis. The proposed scheme provides an effective method in which the time is taken as the second dimension of the key so that the same system can defend against brute force attack more vigorously. In the proposed scheme, the key is rotated continuously and four bits are drawn from the key with their concatenated value representing the delay the system has to wait. This forms the time based key concept. Also the key based function selection from a pool of functions enhances the confusion and diffusion to defend against linear and differential attacks while the time factor inclusion makes the brute force attack nearly impossible. In the proposed scheme, the key scheduler is implemented on FPGA that generates the right key at right time intervals which is then connected to a NIOS – II processor (a virtual microcontroller which is brought out from Altera FPGA) that communicates with the keys to the personal computer through JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) communication and the computer is used to perform encryption (or decryption). In this case the FPGA serves as hardware key (dongle) for data encryption (or decryption).

B. Lakshmi1, E. Kirubakaran2, T.N. Prabakar3
Jayaram College of Engineering and Technology, Tiruchirapalli, India1, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Tiruchirapalli, India2, Saranatham College of Engineering, Tiruchirapalli, India3

Encryption, Decryption, Real Time Systems, Time Based Key, Brute Force attack, Cryptanalysis, FPGA
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ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
( Volume: 1 , Issue: 3 , Pages: 150 - 156 )
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September 2010
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