Software as a service or (SaaS) is a new software development and deployment paradigm over the cloud and offers Information Technology services dynamically as “on-demand” basis over the internet. Trust is one of the fundamental security concepts on storing and delivering such services. In general, trust factors are integrated into such existent security frameworks in order to add a security level to entities collaborations through the trust relationship. However, deploying trust factor in the secured cloud environment are more complex engineering task due to the existence of heterogeneous types of service providers and consumers. In this paper, a formal trust management model has been introduced to manage the trust and its properties for SaaS in cloud computing environment. The model is capable to represent the direct trust, recommended trust, reputation etc, formally. For the analysis of the trust properties in the cloud environment, the proposed approach estimates the trust value and uncertainty of each peer by computing decay function, number of positive interactions, reputation factor and satisfaction level for the collected information.

Somesh Kumar Prajapati, Suvamoy Changder, Anirban Sarkar
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur, India

Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Trust Model, Recommendation, SaaS, Reputation
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Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
( Volume: 3 , Issue: 3 )
Date of Publication :
April 2013

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