Brain is the wonderful organ of human body. It is the agent of information collection and transformation. The neural activity of the human brain starts between the 17th and 23rd week of prenatal development. It is believed that from this early stage and throughout life electrical signals are generated by the brain function but also the status of the whole body. Understanding of neuronal functions and neurophysiologic properties of the brain function together with the mechanisms underlying the generation of signals and their recording is, however, vital for those who deal with these signals for detection, diagnosis, and treatment of brain disorders and the related diseases. This research paper concentrated only on brain tumor detection. Using minimum electrode location the brain tumor possibility is detected. This paper is separated into two parts: the First part deals with electrode location on the scalp and the second part deals with how the fuzzy logic rule based algorithm is applied for estimation of brain tumor from EEG. Basically 8 locations are identified. After acquiring the pure EEG signal Fuzzy Logic Rule is applied to predict the possibility of brain tumor.

M. Murugesan
Shivani Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India

Brain, Brain Tumor, Electroencephalogram (EEG), Electrooculogram (EOG), Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Controller
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Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Soft Computing
( Volume: 1 , Issue: 4 )
Date of Publication :
April 2011

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