To explore the world most of the time the visually impaired persons are greatly depend on assistant for navigation. They face difficulties in independent mobility hence they use white canes for support. The white cane, due to its primitive design, is unable to offer the visually impaired a level of independence that is achievable with modern technology. Further, the visually challenged are unable to know the location without sighted assistance as they cannot read the board. This paper implements a low cost Embedded Cane, to address the above problems. The proposed embedded cane detects the knee above obstacles, pits which helps the visually impaired people to navigate carefree, and communicate with the user through voice alerts and vibrations, which in-turn considerably reduces accidents. It also helps the user to identify the location. When an obstacle is detected, signals will be sent to microcontroller unit, which is pre-programmed to calculate the distance and send appropriate signal to wav audio player to play pre-recorded audio message. The vibrating motor will vibrate if the distance of the obstacle is nearby or less than 40 cm distance. RF Receiver helps to find the location in the indoor. Thereby it improves safety for the visually impaired user.

R Esakki Ponniah1, M Augusta Angel2
National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, India1, V V College of Engineering, India2

Walking Aid, White Cane, Microcontroller, Embedded Cane, RF Receiver and Ultrasonic Sensors
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Microelectronics
( Volume: 5 , Issue: 1 )
Date of Publication :
April 2019

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