Mobile wireless sensor networks (MWSN) have recently emerged as a hot research topic as their communication links and topology change due to node mobility. In a dynamically changing environment it is essential to build energy efficient communication routes with least communication overheads. Energy is one of the most important concerns for MWSNs. To have a long lasting network lifetime, we propose a centralized, periodic, selective sensing and dynamic clustering algorithm for delay tolerant and high integrity MWSNs, aimed to enhance the connectivity and performance. All dynamically varying parameters such as location, number of nodes present in each virtual grid, residual energy are considered while forming clusters and selecting cluster head (CH). Reclustering and selection of CH is centralized and performed by sink. Cluster size is not constant and may vary from cluster to cluster in every round. If nodes in any grid is less, then nodes of neighboring grids are clubbed to form clusters. Reclustering is done in every round and to avoid data duplication, some nodes in every cluster are selected based on proximity and are not allowed to sense and transmit in that round. It is assumed in a close vicinity if more than one sensors are present they all generate same data as they sense the same physical quantity, this reduce redundant data generation sensing is performed only by selected nodes. Inter and intra communication slots are reserved depending on size of cluster by sink in every round. The algorithm is evaluated using stationary and mobile sink.

G Suma, M Siddappa
Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology, India

MWSN, Dynamic Clustering, Mobile Sink, Dynamic TDMA Reservation, Selective Sensing
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Communication Technology
( Volume: 8 , Issue: 2 )
Date of Publication :
June 2017

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