One of the drawback of most of the existing steganography methods is that it alters the bits used for storing color information. Some of the examples include LSB or MSB based steganography. There are also various existing methods like Dynamic RGB Intensity Based Steganography Scheme, Secure RGB Image Steganography from Pixel Indicator to Triple Algorithm etc that can be used to find out the steganography method used and break it. Another drawback of the existing methods is that it adds noise to the image which makes the image look dull or grainy making it suspicious for a person about existence of a hidden message within the image. To overcome these shortcomings we have come up with a pixel pattern based steganography which involved hiding the message within in image by using the existing RGB values whenever possible at pixel level or with minimum changes. Along with the image a key will also be used to decrypt the message stored at pixel levels. For further protection, both the message stored as well as the key file will be in encrypted format which can have same or different keys or decryption. Hence we call it as a RGB pixel pattern based steganography.

R. Rejani1, D. Murugan2, Deepu V. Krishnan3
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India1, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, India2, Infosys Limited, India3

Image Analysis, Uric Acid Stones, Calcium Stones, Entropy, Energy
Published By :
Published In :
ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing
( Volume: 5 , Issue: 3 )
Date of Publication :
February 2015

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